List Of The Worlds Best Comedians Of All Time Ever
Based on highly complex algorithms & sophisticated calculations, we bring you our list of the greatest comedians ever, including their funniest moments. In addition to the legends, we are proud to feature and profile hot new amateurs and rising stars. 

Best Stand Up Comedians

The best stand up comedians the industry has to offer, ever. Stand up comedy is the hardest aspect of comedy and these men and women are masters of the craft. 

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Best Comedians Of All Time, Ever

This is the list of the most talented, funnies, overall best comedians of all time ever.  

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Top Rising Stars  /  Hot New Comedians

Best new, top hot rising comedians. These are the next legends of comedy, the next mega celebrities. 

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Best Comedic Writers Ever

These are the best Comedy Writers in the world and they have brought us some the funnies moment in comedy history and you may never have known it.

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Most Underrated Comedians

These are the most underrated Comedians of all time and their talents and comedic genius underappreciated.

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Most Overrated Comedians

In our opinion these comedians are overrated and at best they are mildly amusing at certain times. We think you have better options.

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We Love


See the best female comedians the industry has to offer. 


Best Black Comedians? Really? Isn't that racist? 
Yes, yes it is. However....



If you are a British comedian it usually means you are not funny. 



5 things that make a great comedian

A great Comedian has to be smart, quick on the feet, is good in movies as well as doing stand up.

Want to know how to become a comedian?

We give the inside scoop on what it takes to becoming a comedian.

10 reasons to become a comedian

Money, fame, influence, connections, what else you want?

How to hire / book a comedian

Need to book a Comedian for corporate event? Want to hire a comedian for a party? We show how to do it.

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